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ATKINS is one of the world's leading desiging, engineering and project management consultancies in the US.  It has provided planning, design and other related services for the Amber Cove Cruise Center project since day one.

For planning purposes, the development was envisioned to include a welcome center of about 7 and 14 acres with two integrated food and beverage locations; an intermodal transport center with active zones for 50 taxis, 50 coaches, and 50 rental cars; an intermodal staging area for 150 taxis and from 100 to 150 coach buses; a government office building; a series of shops totaling 35,000 to 40,000 square feet; a destination duty-free shop of about 10,000 to 12,000 square feet; and a hilltop food and beverage establishment with a ramp and mechanical access from below.

Atkins provided a number of deliverables to the client consisting of land use plan options; conceptual plan options based on the approximate locations of major structures and features; site circulation diagrams including vehicular and passenger movements; order of magnitude estimate of probable costs for horizontal and vertical landside development; utility demand calculations and conceptual design, and an executive summary that presented our findings. As a result of our efforts, the project has been approved for development, with a groundbreaking ceremony scheduled for April 2012.

For additional information on Atkins North America please visit: http://northamerica.atkinsglobal.com/

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